Invisible anatomy - Illumination

Ian Gottlieb - What is a Star

Spoken Text

1. What is a star? A star is a big sphere of gas, that gives off heat and light. it’s not actually star-shaped. in truth, from very far away, a star is just a single point of light, but because of the way our eyes take in light, it appears star-shaped. this is also true for camera lens. for all eyes and cameras on earth, stars are star-shaped.

2. How are stars made? Stars are born in nebulas, which are clouds found in space. they are made of gases and dust. they are vast in size, some stretching for hundreds of lightyears in diameter, but they are not very dense. they weigh very little. A nebular cloud the size of earth could be supported by the palm of a child’s hand.

3. The sun looks very big to us. But it is just a medium-sized star. It looks so big because it’s close to the Earth. Most stars in the night sky are 100s of times bigger and brighter. A star’s color tells us how hot or cold it is. The bluish stars are the hottest ones. The reddish stars are the coolest. This can be confusing because we associate red with hot and blue with cold. Our sun is a yellow star. That makes it one of the cooler stars.

4. It takes millions of years for a star’s light to reach our eyes. the light we see, comes from stars from long ago. Looking at the night sky is like looking back in time 100,000 years. On a clear night you can see as far as 19 quadrillion miles up into the sky. Deneb in Cygnus is a bright star you can see in fall and winter, it is 19 quadrillion miles away.

5. Light comes to Earth from the sun in waves. We see the waves as the colors of the rainbow. We call these colors the visible light spectrum. We do not see all the colors that there are. Each color has a different wavelength. Red has the longest wavelength. Violet has the shortest wavelength. When all the waves are seen together, they make white light. We think that white has no color, but that is not true. White light contains all colors.

Sung text
I saw a seagoat in the sky
I saw the scattered branches of the damson (tree)
I saw the holy book (balanced) on its spine
I saw an amber comet soar

And I knew I’d have a daughter
I knew the coming of the floods
I knew how to divide the spoils
I knew where i belong

I saw a dogfish in the sky
I saw the moon boards fall
I saw the sooth of the sibylline
I saw the queen of swords

And I knew I’d have a daughter
I knew the coming of the floods
I knew how to divide the spoils
I knew where i belong

I saw a wolf in the sky
I saw a snake in the withered leaves of tea
I glimpsed the hand of the astrolabe
I saw the moon in pisces

And I knew I’d have a daughter
I knew the coming of the floods
I knew how to divide the spoils
I knew where i belong

I saw a king in the sky
I saw the signs in the cowrie shells
I saw the tablets from the urn
I saw the moon block out the sun

And I knew I’d have a daughter
I knew the coming of the floods
I knew how to divide the spoils
I knew where i belong

Ben Wallace - Shift

I want you to know,
I want to know,
How do we come together,
on the same spot,
right now.

Take steps to know their kind.
Make steps to change your mind.

Shift with me, together.
Drift with me, forever.
Stay here with me,
for now.
Don’t change what you allow.

You want me to go,
You want to go,
Back with you on the other
side of us.
Why now?

Take steps back from what we made.
Break trust to go your own way.

Drift away from what we
used to have.
Shift away.
Why now?

Drift away,
Shift away,
Fade away…

Fay Kueen Wang - Corona

Dream I - Hotel Umbra

[Sung]: Dark Silhouette of the moon | Fainter to be visible in your room | The first contact of us | The narrow track of dust | We see the path of totality - the cage of reality

[Dream]: I was the bar singer at a hotel called “Umbra” There was a secret aisle to the basement backstage It shaped like a moon silhouette

[News]: When the Moon glides between Earth and the Sun, it casts a cone-shaped shadow, called an umbra, that races from West to East.

[Dream]: I changed my performance attire Black dress Shaped like a bat I saw my shadow Not black, but a color of eerie dark blue

[News]: At an eclipse's height, a halo of gold, called a corona, flares around the darkened lunar disc, while the sky turns an eerie dark blue, disorienting birds and causing bats to emerge from their roosts in the belief that night has fallen.

[Dream]: I heard a man’s voice behind me: You’ve done changing It’s time to fetch your mother’s bone ash
I tried to see who that was But couldn’t turn around

Dream II - The Monster Corona

[Dream]: I woke up still wearing the same dress
A crowd of men surrounded me holding the same camera murmuring the same celebrating words smiling at each other and waiting for the Second Contact

[News]: The total transit will obscure the sun by 50 percent or more for an estimated two billion people, from the salt flat farmers of Gujarat to herdsmen in the foothills of the Tibetan Himalayas.

[Dream]: Those smiles like the freak shows in the mental asylums of the 60s
A man claimed that he was my husband told me that my memories were stolen by those people to feed a creature named Corona
I saw the scar on his lips the same shape as the diamond ring on my finger
People bought tickets to stay in a cage to observe the monster Corona

[News]: Observers in Japan were excited by the prospect of experiencing the first eclipse in 46 years, but found the experience dampened by cloudy skies obscuring the view. Some have seized on the natural phenomenon as a unique business opportunity. In Shanghai, hotels offering special eclipse packages were booked out well in advance by guests from Japan, the United States and Europe. Thousands of pilgrims gathered on the banks of the Ganges River in Varanasi, India to experience the eclipse as a religious or spiritual event.

[Dream]: They all shouted to me: Corona! Why are you wearing a black dress at your wedding?!
They started crying I started smiling

Dream III - The Sick Leader

[Dream]: I woke up Still smiling
Two giant men with wolf heads ran to me: Why are you still in bed, boss? We have to go The flooding is coming
My body started turning transparent My veins looked like running tunnels from a helicopter .........

[News]: In India and China, tradition views eclipses with a mixture of wonder and foreboding. Some people expected that there would be a relationship, either positive or negative, between their health and the occurrence of the eclipse. Raj Kumar Sharma, an astrologer in Mumbai, described July 22 as a "very dangerous moment in the universe," with the blocking of the sun's rays akin to a disease or virus.

If the sun, the leader of the stars, is sick, then definitely there's going to be some bigger problems happening in the world,” he said. In ancient China, eclipses were often associated with natural disasters or the death of an emperor, and some similar superstitions persist. Superstition has always haunted the moment when Earth, Moon and Sun are perfectly aligned. The daytime extinction of the Sun, the source of all life, is associated with war, famine, flood and the death or birth of rulers. Desperate for an explanation, the ancient Chinese blamed a Sun-eating dragon. The Vikings believed the culprits were two giant wolves, Skoll and Hati, which chased the Sun around the sky. Among Indians in South America, an eclipse was simply, terrifyingly, "the Eye of God.”

Coda - Delhi-based eye surgeon Rituraj Barauh said the most dangerous phase was immediately after totality when the sun re-emerged. "It's this quick shift from darkness to very bright light that does the damage," he said.

Paul Kerekes - four stars

I. Others might not understand
the pride and joy you take in
renewing order where chaos once lived.
Smooth machinery. 

II. Their clear heart.
Your clear mind.
Their strength.
Your quick wit.
It’s all one. 

III. Sometimes avoidance is survival.

IV. Some days you feel more than clear;
others days you feel lost.
It’s okay to not know things.

Brendon Randall-Myers - Gaslight

I. the lights don’t change
don’t you believe me
the lights don’t change
do you believe me or your lying eyes
do you believe me or your lying ears
do you believe me or your eyes 

II. your lying eyes
your lying ears
your lying nerves
your lying smell

your lying skin
your lying heart
your lying pulse
your lying sweat

your lying mouth
your lying mind
your lying touch
your lying pain

your lying sleep
your lying dreams
your lying friends
your lying world

your lying eyes

III. if i look with my own eyes
light does change
if i listen with my own ears
light does change

tells us what exists and how bright 
tells us the temperature the density
tells us how fast the body moves
tells us how strong our magnet pulls

as the light slowly grows and fades
we learn about physical change
as the light shifts back and forth 
we learn about the forces we exert

and if we watch the space between
light tells us that it’s not a void
there’s something in the emptiness 
even if what’s there is gas and dust

with my own eyes light does change
with my own ears light does change
my own nerves 
my own heart 
light does change
light does change

if we watch the space between
light tells us it’s not a void 

and there’s something in the emptiness 
that’s more than a void
that’s more than gas and dust 
that’s more than we can see