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Help us FUNDraise $1,500 in the next 3 DAYS!

Our fundraising campaign is ending in three days - we've made a lot of progress but we still need your support. Help us get there by donating today! 

In Season One, Invisible Anatomy created and premiered Body Parts in New York. We brought it to the Beijing Modern Music Festival, where we had a sold-out crowd at the Beijing Central Conservatory in a solo show. 

In Season Two, Invisible Anatomy created and premiered our second evening-length show Dissections at National Sawdust in Brooklyn (later featured in a full-length profile in the Village Voice), after opening with an intimate house concert hosted by David Lang at his Soho loft. We then brought Dissections to Los Angeles, where it was performed at Pomona College and The Blue Whale. Invisible Anatomy continued on to perform at Heartbeat Opera's Collaboret series and at the Yale School of Music's New Music New Haven series, and collaborated with Kate Tarker and Dustin Wills to interpret the inner monologues of Mary Todd Lincoln’s internal organs at Ars Nova. In the 2016 SAVVY Chamber Competition, Invisible Anatomy was awarded first runner-up, and we recorded our debut studio album in June 2016. It was an action-packed year!

In Season Three, Invisible Anatomy is taking bigger steps to realize bolder visions. 

1. Our third full-length show, Transfigure, will premiere on February 2, 2017 at Roulette in Brooklyn. (Put it in your calendar now!) NewMusicBox previewed the piece this summer, describing it as "a flight of musical follies touching down briefly amidst austere harmonic totems, absurdist cowboy music, and vaudevillian settings of warning labels." Transfigure completes a triptych on the performing body we began with Body Parts; building upon the past two shows, Transfigure is the most ambitious one yet, integrating lighting, costumes, and staging. We look forward to sharing our creation with you!

2. On March 3, 2017, we will present two special performances at the Detroit Institute of Arts, followed by additional concerts in the Midwest. Stay tuned. 

3. On April 12, 2017, we will return to National Sawdust to launch a new series IA PRESENTS where we feature performances with like-minded colleagues. Our first featured ensemble is the Grant Wallace Band, a trio of composer-performers weaving a diaphanous sound from threads of new music, modern jazz, and old-time folk styles.

4. In October 2016, we produced Funhouse, an immersive presentation of art, music, and theater. The event merged art installations and performances with costumed mischief in a prewar Victorian Harlem brownstone, featuring collaborators who are recent graduates of the Yale Schools of Drama, Art, and Music. 

5. Long-time collaborator and friend Henry Chan, who is behind virtually all of our visual branding, is formally joining the Invisible Anatomy family as Art Director. We are excited for our continued growth as an arts organization and look forward to further integrating the visual and spatial aspects into our creative work. 

6. In Spring/Summer 2017, we will shoot our debut music video. Details to follow. 

But that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Since its inception, Invisible Anatomy has been creating performances that challenge conventions of format, presenting art in unexpected venues, and fostering ongoing collaborations with directors, playwrights, designers, actors, sculptors, choreographers, and videographers. This season promises to be the biggest one yet—additional performances and album release to be announced!—and we need your support to make it happen.

Donation tiers and rewards

$5 - Facebook shout-out and name recognition on IA website

**$15 - new donors that give by 11:59pm on December 31st receive one track of our debut album Dissections at 12:01am on January 1st

$25 - Any/all of the above rewards + Handwritten IA notecard + Dissections full album digital download

$50 - Any/all of the above rewards + Dissections CD or IA tote 

$100 - Any/all of the above rewards + Invisible Anatomy voodoo doll + signed print of Transfigure concert poster

$250 - Any/all of the above rewards + 2 Transfigure tickets + 2 tickets to January 25th Gala hosted by Pulitzer-prize winning composer Aaron Jay Kernis

$500 - Any/all of the above rewards + 2 tickets to all 2017 Invisible Anatomy concerts

$1000 - Any/all of the above rewards + private solo/duo house concert + Associate Producer credit

$2500 - Any/all of the above rewards + private full ensemble house concert + Producer Credit

All of our donors will be featured on our website.

"I am David Lang and I approve this message."    Lang-O-Meter™

"I am David Lang and I approve this message."

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07/09 - 07/18 | Avaloch Farm Residency
10/14 - 10/16 | New Haven Residency
10/28 | Halloween Funhouse
01/11 - 01/13 | Transfigure workshops with director and designers in New Haven
01/24 - 02/01 | Final Transfigure rehearsals in New York
01/25 | Winter Gala hosted by Aaron Jay Kernis
02/02 | Transfigure premiere at Roulette, Brooklyn
03/03 - 03/05 | IA at Detroit Institute of Art, plus additional midwest performances
04/12 | IA PRESENTS featuring Grant Wallace Band at National Sawdust, Brooklyn

Invisible Anatomy is both a performing ensemble and an incubator for new work. The revenue generated from performances only covers a portion of the overall expenses; the rest, including the commissioning of new work, depend on generous support from donors like you. By donating to IA you are both supporting the operational needs of the season AND commissioning a full season's worth of compositional works, complete with theatrical elements.

Here's where the money goes:

THANK YOU in advance for any support you can give to this project, and remember, money isn’t the only way you can contribute! Helping us to spread the word about the project with everyone you know, in person or via social media is a small way to make a big difference!

Invisible Anatomy is fiscally sponsored by Bang on a Can.

 To make a tax-deductible contribution, make checks payable to "Bang on a Can". 

Note in the check memo that funds are intended "for Invisible Anatomy," and mail to: 

81 Monitor St., Apt 4L
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Donate Now


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